Soros Center for Contemporary Arts - Zagreb (SCCA - Zagreb) was established in September 1993 by the Open Society Institute - Croatia, as its contemporary arts program, and was part of emerging SCCA Network.

Open Society Institute - Croatia as representative office of the Soros Foundations New York was established in 1992 on the initiative of Mr. George Soros, American financier of Hungarian origin, and was at the time one of already existing 22 foundations in a network, and had under the institutional memory of the international organization to follow the goal of open society, of democratic free citizens' liberal society in Central and Eastern Europe and countries of former Soviet Union.

When established, SCCA-Zagreb had to be supplementary to already existing contemporary art institutions in the country, to promote visual arts production, to introduce, where necessary, documentations on artists according to international art documentational standards, as well as to built up a network or recognition of visual artists from Central and Eastern European countries in the West, as well as within the countries of the network themselves.

The first SCCA was established in Budapest by the Soros Foundation Hungary in 1985. In 1992, five additional SCCAs were opened in Bratislava, Moscow, Prague, Tallinn and Warsaw, 1993 in Bucharest, Riga, Vilnius, Kiev, Ljubljana, Zagreb and Sofia, in 1994 in Skopje, and by 1998. in St. Petersburg, Belgrade, Odessa, Chisinau, Sarajevo and Almaty. Network expanded to a total of 20 SCCAs located in 18 countries.

Created and funded by George Soros, the SCCA Network was part of the Soros foundations network, which consists of autonomous non-profit organizations, aiming to promote art, offering financial support to individual artists, art historians and art organizations, and making access easier to art to local, regional and international art scene.

Centers in SCCA Network had an uniformed program to achieve their goals, consisting of: Artists Files, Comprehensive Documentation, Annual Exhibition and Grants program. Later, each SCCA has adjusted its programs to serve the priorities and specific circumstances of its art scene.

The development of programs in SCCA-Zagreb stressed publishing activities, international exchange programs, educational programs and specific development of programs of documentation with library and reading room.

With the process initiated in 1998 within the Soros network, SCCA - Zagreb was among the first programs to span off from its founder Open Society Institute - Croatia thus from OSI New York and Soros Foundations, and became an independent entity, registered as the Institute for Contemporary Art, on April 23, 1998 as Union of Citizens according to Croatian law, by the decision of its 13 individual founding members.

Today, Institute for Contemporary Art is a unique institution in its operating environment by the programs that Institute creates and executes.

Former SCCA Network is today registered in Amsterdam as International Contemporary Art Network, I_CAN.

Founding members:
Karmen Bašić, († 1999.), executive director, Open Society Institute - Croatia, Zagreb
Boris Cvjetanović, free-lance photographer, Zagreb
Branko Čegec, writer and publisher, Meandar, Zagreb
Zlatko Gall, art historian and journalist, Split
Leonida Kovač, curator, Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb
Igor Kuduz, graphic designer, Pinhead Entertainment, Zagreb
Mladen Lučić, curator, Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb
Zvonko Maković, professor of Art History, Faculty of Philosophy, Zagreb
Branka Stipančić, free-lance curator
Darko Šimičić, Institute for Contemporary Art, program manager, Zagreb
Slaven Tolj, artist and head of Art Workshop Lazareti, Dubrovnik
Jadranka Vinterhalter, curator, Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb
Janka Vukmir, Institute for Contemporary Art, director, Zagreb


Today, Institute for Contemporary Art is a unique institution in its operating environment by the programs that Institute creates and executes.






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